Seagull Control

Seagull Control in Kent.

We install seagull control deterrents such as netting  and gull spikes to protect your property from invading gulls.

We provide seagull control in Margate, Dover, Folkestone, Chatham, Broadstairs and all other Kent seaside towns.

Due to the sheer numbers and ineffective seagull control programs (such as culling), the urban gull is becoming more of a problem.

Seagulls have adapted well and thrive on their urban existence: 

The search for food is easier from discarded litter/food stuffs.

Buildings offer warmth and protection from the elements.

Protection from predators. 

Seagulls are a naturally aggressive and noisy bird and will not think twice about swooping down to grab food from humans and dive bombing during the breeding season is not uncommon.

Methods of seagull control in KentSeagull Control Kent

We operate under the General License issued by Natural England. Lethal methods of control are a last resort, inappropriate and ineffective. The best method of seagull control for your building is to install bird deterrents that prevent seagulls from landing, or nesting on your property.

Seagull Spike Installations

Seagull spikes are not to dissimilar as those we use to protect against pigeon problems in Kent except the spikes are longer to counteract the longer legs of the gulls. The spikes are fitted into place using a commercial strength bond as it is not uncommon for seagulls to rip them away. Spikes can be fitted to ledges and roof lines.

Gull Netting Installations in Kent.

Seagull netting can be installed as an effective deterrent against pest birds and can be fitted across wide areas such as open roof areas or to protect boiler houses and lagging – seagulls are known to cause damage to pipe lagging as the material makes for good nesting.

Seagull netting is available in a variety of colours to blend with your building.

Post and Wire/Daddi Long Legs

For flat roof we recommend the installation of post and wire for large flat roofs. Posts are secured into place at intervals then a wire is fitted through the posts. This will stop seagulls from landing.

For smaller flat roofs we can install a Daddi Long Legs which has a centre fixing with a number of flexible wires protruding from the centre that prevent bird from landing.

Seagull Waste Cleaning Service.

Seagull droppings are very acidic and can cause damage and corrosion to building material and paintwork (particularly on cars!)

Nesting material can block flues and cause drainage problems.

We recommend cleaning the affected area of any droppings prior to any seagull control measures being installed and to prevent any structural damage or health and safety issues.