Pigeon Netting

Pigeon netting as an effective bird proofing deterrent.

We install pigeon netting on all types of properties in Kent.

Pigeon netting can be installed to a wide variety of areas and has the advantage of being maintenance free and one of the best pigeon proofing methods.

Pigeons are considered to be a pest once they start to appear in numbers. When a few get wind of a safe place to perch or nest many others are likely to follow in a short time.

pigeon nettingPigeons have no fear of being in close proximity to humans but will always look for dry sheltered spots away from the elements to create nests to rear young, or seek out a sunny spot to perch and ‘soak up the rays’.

Installing pigeon netting as defence barrier while stop pigeons from causing all sorts of problems in particular large build up of droppings which can have an impact on the visual aspect of a property.

Not only may this deter clients or customers – especially true of Public Houses, restaurants of Cafes but health and safety issues may arise from high concentration of droppings particularly when wet as the floor can become slippery.

When installing pigeon netting in Kent it may be necessary to consider other bird deterrents such as bird control spikes which would need to be fitted where pigeon netting cannot.

Types of pigeon netting

There are many types of pigeon nets, some better than others. We prefer to use a knotless pigeon net which will help to prevent a build up debris.

The pigeon netting we install is guaranteed and available in a number of colours including black or stone to blend with the building and to make it as unobtrusive as possible.

Translucent net is very popular for obvious reasons.

Can birds get trapped in pigeon netting?

The net is designed to act as a barrier to deter pest pigeons from landing on the property or gaining access to areas for nesting. It is most unheard of that a pigeon would be trapped in netting at all.