Pigeon Netting

Pigeon Netting installed in Kent for the control of pest birds.

Bird netting is very effective and can be fitted almost anywhere!

Pigeon netting is one of the most common bird deterrents that we fit to a variety of buildings and structures in Kent.

The are many benefits to using nets, not least that it is virtually maintenance free, fire retardant and can cover wide areas.

Pigeon netting comes in a range of colours, designed to blend with the building, and is fitted with galvanized wire and rings that will last for many years.

We always recommend knotless pigeon net as this reduces the risk of collecting debris.

The benefits of using net as a pigeon deterrent in Kent.

Bird netting installations in KentNet is an effective barrier which will prevent pigeons from accessing any affected areas.

We can install bird netting under roofs where pigeons are perching, balconies, arches, under bridges, statue protection, boiler houses and around air conditioning units. Pigeon netting is very versatile!

We can install zips into the net wherever they are required so that contractors or maintenance departments can gain access to roofs or boiler houses. Special net clips can be installed around lights for access to lightbulbs.

What to do if you have problems with pigeons in Kent.

Call us today for a free on site visit to discuss your requirements. We will outline the best method of control which may include other types of bird deterrents such as pigeon spikes, post and wire bird deterrents or ultrasonic repellents.

Bird waste cleaning in Kent

In most cases it will be necessary to provide a bird waste cleaning service prior to fitting any pigeon control.

It is important that all bird guano is removed to prevent any health and safety issues.

On completion we apply a commercial strength sanitizer (Biokil) to the once affected area/s to eradicate any airborne pathogens and bacteria.

All bird waste is removed from the site safely and responsibly following strict legal guidelines.