Pigeon Control in Kent

Providing pigeon control in Kent for all types of properties.

For effective pigeon control we install bird spikes, pigeon netting and electronic systems.

Our pigeon control technicians cover all of Kent for all types of pigeon problems.

Our pigeon control installations are available for schools, hospitals, restaurants office blocks, building fascias and hotels. In fact anywhere there is a bird problem!

We can fit a range of quality bird deterrents such as pigeon spikes to prevent them from perching on sills, ledges, gutters and roof lines.

The pigeon spikes are harmless as they have rounded tips. They are not designed to harm pigeons but to deter and change their habits.

Bird spikes come in a variety of sizes and are made from UV stabilized polycarbonate which will remain effective but unobtrusive to the building.

We can also fit stainless steel spikes which as equally as effective for pigeon control.

pigeon control Kent

Fitting pigeon control netting in Kent

For larger areas such as roof, voids, balconies, air conditioning units we can fit bird proofing net.

Pigeon netting comes in a variety of colours, including transparent. The type we use is knotless which is designed to prevent debris build up.

Pigeon netting can be fitted over a vast area to protect your building. We can even install zips so that access can be gained to roof spaces, boiler houses and many other areas where contractors need access or maintenance is required.

Avishock pigeon deterrent system

Avishock is designed as a stand alone bird deterrent or can work alongside other traditional methods and is proving a popular choice for urban pigeon control in Kent.

The system works by emitting a low voltage pulse through a track system to deter pest pigeons from perching or loafing on buildings. The low voltage pulse is the same as what might be used in electric fencing for animal control.

Avishock has been tried, test and approved by a number of leading organizations throughout the UK

Avishock is designed for all infestations pressures and is the ideal choice for buildings that require a bird control system that is unobtrusive. For example Avishock would suit a listed building, cathedral, museum or tourist attraction.