Installing bird spikes

Bird spike installation in Kent

Bird spikes are a humane method of pigeon and seagull control.

Bird spikes can stop pest pigeons or seagulls are causing damage to your property in Kent.

If you have pigeons or seagulls perching on ledges or roofs we recommend a call to Bird Control in Kent to get rid of your pest bird problem.

One of the most common but effective bird deterrents we install in Kent are UV Polycarbonate bird spikes or stainless steel bird spikes to get rid of pigeons or seagulls from landing on ledges, sills, roof lines and shop signs. They are designed to last and are not affected by the elements.

Bird spikes are a humane method of control. Although called spikes the tips are rounded. Birds will not impale themselves on the spikes or come to any harm but will change their habits and move elsewhere.

Installing bird spikes in Kent

Bird spikes are recognized as a safe bird deterrent by a number of recognized bodies.

Plastic bird spikes are safe to install near sensitive electrical equipment on mobile phone or TV masts and buildings where a bird control system is required but should remain unobtrusive.

Our free site survey will determine the best application as pigeon and seagull spikes come in a variety of sizes. Longer spikes are used for example to deter seagulls. Different widths are also available to cover wider areas.

The base of the spike has a plastic strip where a super bond weatherproof adhesive is applied. Seagulls being a crafty and aggressive bird will try to rip the spikes from the protected area. However the adhesive we use to fix plastic bird spikes makes that near impossible to do.

Bird spikes are very flexible and can be fitted to curved flat areas and will bond to plastic, concrete ledges and sills and most other structure materials.

Using specially adapted clips we can also install bird spike deterrents on all property types in Kent to gutters and to window frames that can still be opened after fitting.

Whatever the bird problem you can rely on our professional pest bird control technicians to fit long lasting, effective bird deterrent spikes.